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Welcome to Chianello Olive Oil

The Chianello Olive Oil Company bottles two olive oils; Arbequina and a custom 5-variety Italian Blend.

Our precious, small production orchard produces olive oil that is unfiltered and organically grown in the mountains just near the border of  Napa Valley, in the eastern hills of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County.

MARCH 2017: We had an average harvest this past October and the Arbequina turned out the golden color and taste like buttered toast, which we haven’t had for several seasons.

All that being said, because the organic registration and state fees are more than we make in olive oil sales, Steve and I have decided to cancel our registration and SUSPEND all sales of oil through the web site.

We are still making oil for our use and to give to the family. If you have questions about our oil, I invite you to use the contact form and send me an email.

I wish we had 3,000 trees and could make oil for retail sales: Steve has such a knack growing anything that I know we’d produce great oil and have a loyal following.

…Many thanks to those of you who have bought and enjoyed Chianello Olive Oil over the years! Please stay in touch.

January 2016:
Our 2015 harvest was in October so that Steve’s father was able to join us and celebrate the harvest. This year, despite the lack of water, we had a good harvest. Our battle with the olive fly went well, using an organic chemical to suppress the larvae damage which meant less fruit to destroy.

Being an early harvest, our oil had a dark green color and a very ‘olive-y’ flavor for both Italian Blend and Arbequina, with the Arbequina still being the milder of the two.

Because of his hand accident in December, we have not finished bottling the oil. As soon as we can, we will open the website for sales. If you read this and want to be on the announcement list, please send me an email through our contact form.

Best Wishes to you for a wonderful 2016.

November 6, 2013: Harvested and pressed our olives last weekend with the help of Steve’s brother and sister, along with Jesus, Carlos and Rojelio. We are about 3 weeks early on the Italians: they could have been picked the first part of October…..wayyy early. The Arbequinas went from green to black in the span of a week, so they were picked too.  This year’s oil, being made from mostly black olives, has a much different character than last year: less bite to the Italians, but more peppery to the Arbequina. We will have our final taste analysis before we bottle in April.

The grand total of pound harvested was HALF of last year, for all trees just about 1,000 lbs. Of course, we knew this would be the lower year, since olives are alternate bearing and last year was so good. Oil for sale will be a precious commodity this year!

 October 4, 2013:  We entered the Sonoma County Harvest Festival again this year. Our Italian Blend won a Gold Medal in it’s class; the Arbequina and our new Taggiasca both took home silvers. After tasting the best in show winner, we are still confounded at what the judges want.  Dang…if we don’t think ours is much better: as do many of the guests at the Friday night Grand Tasting….Something to strive for again next year!

April 12, 2013:  Bottling is now completed!   Please visit the Products page for description of our 3 oils. As always, we use PayPal to process your transaction.


January 2013: We harvested all the olives! In early November, Steve’s 2 brothers and sister helped us harvest all the Italian olives: 1,400 pounds. In mid-December Steve and Karla harvested all the Arbequina olives, 1,100 pounds.  Our biggest harvest since planting the trees in 2003. And, this year we had enough Taggiasca olives to create a separate varietal oil by itself. The Italian Blend is a beautiful dark green, with a fresh, grassy taste. The Arbequina has a buttered toast taste: and we hope that it meets the high standards of our customer Jeff G., who finds it to be the best he’s ever found! Wow, that’s a great testimonial.

The oil is resting now to allow it to settle without filtering. We should be bottling late March to early April and will announce when we have oil ready to purchase.

September 2012: The olives are growing well and getting bigger and ever closer to harvest. Some trees, like the Coratina variety, flowered but didn’t set fruit and we aren’t sure if it was from lack of water during bloom season or because they set a lot more fruit last year. It’s farming and perplexing!  Because our well is recovering slower this year due to the lower amount of winter rainfall, we are having to buy water so the trees can get some amount of water as the fruit grows. The tune around here is “buy and drain: buy and drain” as we fill the 10,000 gallon tank and drain it out with watering overnight. At least it is only a once a month event!

July 10, 2012:  Our Italian Blend won a Silver Medal again at the Harvest Festival in Santa Rosa and we will showcase the oil at the Awards Gala on Oct. 5th. Steve is determined to get a gold for the 2012 harvest which may mean picking and pressing earlier this year to create a more up-front robust taste.

The trees are loaded with olives this year; bigger than ever compared to past years. We are planning for a wonderful harvest, especially the Arbequina since we didn’t get any last year.

Oil is still available!

April 24, 2012:  The Italian Blend is now bottled and ready for sale on the Products Page. This year, we find the oil to have a peppery zing to the end of a taste of oil and pleasantly surprising. It still is wonderful on everything we eat. For maximum tasting, Steve suggests a small slurp from a spoon, roll it around in your mouth and swallow while drawing air into your mouth. It is a similar procedure to tasting wine and it allows for a pure taste without influence from bread or any other food.

What is really fun: try an blind olive oil tasting at your next party. Pour oil from several different bottles into small dishes and provide bread cubes for dipping. Make up individual score cards with each number of oil on the card. Each person gets a score card to mark their favorite and least favorite. Tally up the voting and reveal the winner.  It’s fun to see who likes a common grocery store variety and who goes for the unusual! If you use Chianello’s, drop us an email with the results!