Chianello Olive Oil

How To Produce Great Olive Oil

First, you buy property 8 hours (by truck) away from where you live and you plant 300 “starter” trees, about 24 inches tall.

Then you realize that you have to drive up there every other week to water the trees, especially in the summer! Which you do for the past 8 years.

During that time, you add drip irrigation and deer fencing. After an automatic watering cycle stuck in the “on position” and drained your 10,000 gallon water tank, you go back to hand watering every 2 weeks. You continue to prune the trees each year, add new mulch and mow to keep the weeds down.

You work with a professional label and web designer and an Italian bottle maker to prepare for bottling your oil: 1200 bottles get stored in the barn. Working in batches of 36, you run them through the dishwasher and let dry for 24 hours, then hand-apply sets of label to 300 bottles. Using a measuring cup and a steady hand, each bottle gets filled by hand, corked and sealed.

After eight years, you con 8 of your friends and family into coming to pick olives in the middle of December. During this time, you get on-the-job training of the new Italian olive press without any help from Italy! Okay, so it took eight hours and 100 adjustments to get the darn thing working…but it was worth the effort.

Two days and 1100 pounds of olives later, you have your first 120 liters of olive oil: The smooth and buttery Spanish variety, Arbequina, and a delicious blend of five different Italian varieties.

And finally, Chianello Olive Oil is proud to bring you its limited production of extra virgin, unfiltered, organically produced olive oils from the Napa Valley/Sonoma County border.

Please taste our labor of love in your next meal. We believe you will savor the love that goes into each bottle.